What Do Canadians Do on Online Platforms?

30 Jun , 2022,
A. J. Riot

Canadians are advanced people who always keep up with the times and follow all world trends. And the Internet is one of the most important aspects of modern life. According to the statistics, Canadians and the Internet are simply inseparable. To chat with friends on social networks, to look for an hour at an online live casino in Canada or to listen to your favorite artist – there are some examples of Canadians activity online.

Canadians often make their purchases online and most often on foreign websites. Why do Canadians make the vast majority of online purchases outside the country? One of the reasons is that there are few domestic online stores in Canada. About two-thirds of online shoppers in Canada use US or UK online stores.

Canadians themselves are undeniably avid internet users. They actively browse popular sites from different countries, and 93%, before buying a product, even live, first look for it online. And more than half buy various goods and services on the Internet. According to statistics, a third of the Canadian population has PayPal accounts, Apple Pay is also available in the country.

Canadians also actively use mobile devices – mobile surfing accounts for 49% of the time they spend online. According to research, the total amount spent annually by Canadians on goods in online stores is more than $30 billion, and the average check varies within $150.

Canadian buyers love various promotions and discounts. Marketing experts say that 60% of abandoned shopping carts in online stores are due to the lack of promotional offers.

With the development of new technologies, more and more people go to work online or create their own Internet business. And Canadians are no exception. For example, one of the popular directions is translations. There are many websites, social networks and videos in the country that need a French version. So many Canadians are promoting their services and thereby helping others. By the way, a study of jobs and wages published by Statistics Canada found that employers are using social media to fill more than half of the available jobs.

Since Canada is located in 6 time zones, online travel tours and online guides are very popular among Canadians. Canadians can easily walk along the Vancouver waterfront, see the city from the water and look at the beautiful Gastown district without leaving their homes. Moreover, few people know, but it was the Canadians who were the first to come up with and broadcast the northern lights online. Isn’t it great?

Live online casino games are a special type of online entertainment, which is always in the leading roles among Canadians. The government of the country has a flexible approach to gambling industry regulation. Online clubs have been legalized since 2009, but only in certain areas of the country. Therefore, those Canadians who love such leisure have long known where these areas are and how you can relax by playing online.

In some provinces, the authorities have different attitudes towards this type of leisure. For example, the local government of Quebec tried to restrict the access of the province residents to online casinos operating on the basis of an international license. But to the delight of Canadian online gambling enthusiasts, the Supreme Court of Canada declared such actions illegal.