Top 5 MMA Fighters Without College Degrees

6 Dec , 2021,
A. J. Riot

MMA is a mix of drive, emotions, and fierce fights. But millions of people continue to watch every show, betting on who will be the winner. There are quite a few MMA fighters who have shown amazing skills and strategic thinking. However, some of them never went to college. The point is that you don’t need the education to fight in the octagon. In addition, many famous fighters began their careers without even a couple of thousand dollars in their accounts. So here are the top 5 MMA fighters without college degrees.

1.  Conor McGregor

You probably know this guy as one of the highest-paid fighters. But Conor’s early life wasn’t nearly as successful. The fact is that this man undertook any job to feed his family. Conor grew up in poverty and did not have the opportunity to devote his life to education. That is why he was looking for the benefits of outsourcing and even worked at a car wash. Fortunately, his talent was noticed in time. That is why McGregor decided to take a chance and dedicated his life to sports.

2.  Georges St-Pierre

Georges St-Pierre is a great example for those unsure of their capabilities. This guy grew up weak and was often bullied. So this is why St-Pierre decided to become a fighter from an early age. Throughout his youth, he trained and tried different fighting styles. By the way, he had his first fight at the age of 16. According to the athlete, his life was so strongly connected with sports that he did not even want to think about anything else. As a result, Georges St-Pierre said no to college and concentrated on his MMA career. Fortunately, he made the right choice and achieved excellent results.

3.  Charles Bennett

And here is one of the most controversial mixed martial artists in the United States. The fact is that Charles Bennett is a very talented fighter who started his way to the top as a drug dealer and street fighter. The fact is that his family was very poor. Charles’s father was an alcoholic and beat all his family members.

In addition, his family lived in a criminal area, and Bennett had to learn to fend for himself from early childhood. That is why he chose MMA as his main goal and did not even dream of college. Moreover, his family did not even have money for food. Fortunately, his career was successful even though he did not study in educational institutions.

4.  Francis Ngannou

Francis Ngannou is a good example of how a motivated person can achieve any goal. This fighter was born in Cameroon. His family was very poor, so going to college seemed impossible. In addition, Francis was very fond of boxing and often watched the fights of Mohamed Ali. It was this athlete who became a motivational example for Ngannou. Since 2015, this athlete has had many great fights and has shown that even a poor guy from Cameroon can become an MMA legend if he does his best.

5.  Dustin Poirier

Dustin Poirier is an example of a person who decided to devote himself to sports early. The fact is that this guy decided to become the best MMA fighter while still in high school. That is why he studied martial arts from morning to midnight. Surely you understand that he did not even think about college or university. Fortunately, the sport turned out to be an excellent choice, and Poirier became famous half a year after starting his career.

Why Do People Choose Sports Over College?

The point is, not all families can pay for college. Many people are forced to work from morning to night to support their families. That is why children are forced to earn money from an early age. Imagine that you can become a fighter and earn hundreds of thousands of dollars per fight. Will you spend 5-10 years looking for money for college?

You will most likely choose the easiest option. All of the above fighters decided to take a chance, and their choice turned out to be successful. Unfortunately, not all athletes can boast of such results. However, their choice deserves respect since they decided to make money legally.

Final Words

Millions of people around the world dream of a sports career. That is why novice athletes and fighters try to devote every minute to training and improving physical parameters. However, professional sports are a key target for beginners as a rule. So this is why college is not a priority for teenagers. Generally, the choice of novice fighters is difficult to criticize, as they are extremely motivated and do not see other options. So this is why many athletes do not have a college degree. Fortunately, all the fighters described above achieved excellent results and never regretted their choice.