How MMA Has Boosted Casinos

27 Nov , 2021,
A. J. Riot

At its inception, MMA  gained popularity primarily as a professional sport, and in some instances as the new form of boxing. When Dana White helped launch the UFC to prominence, these visions of MMA’s potential really started to take shape. Even though MMA isn’t quite as popular as boxing was in its heyday, it has certainly found a place among the most popular professional sports.

However, MMA has also contributed to cultural and business developments beyond the octagon. In addition, partner companies, clothing and apparel brands, and streaming networks may be affected. The most surprising aspect of MMA’s success is how it has boosted casino businesses across the globe.

Main Issues in the Casino Industry

Casinos are largely benefiting from this, as they are in need of a makeover for their offerings. There are a number of games that best casinos have relied on – that have unfortunately become stale among younger audiences. Some of the most popular games worldwide are blackjack, roulette, poker, baccarat, and craps. You’ll be lucky if a millennial or someone from Gen Z knows how to play more than two of those games.


Casinos face challenges keeping up their activities if slot machines – which account for most of their revenue, and which are not appealing to younger gamers – are added on top. According to Fox 5 Vegas, the land-based and online casinos are aware of this problem and have even begun looking towards skill-based video games to increase demographics. Intentional changes like that will be needed to help solve issues in online gambling in Nevada and across the US, and MMA is already helping to achieve that. As is obvious, this increase in popularity is largely due to the fact that many major MMA events are held at casinos or nearby.


The biggest fight nights have undoubtedly taken place at standalone locations like the O2 Arena in London or the Staples Center in Los Angeles, but the fights in the casino hotspots of Vegas, Macau, and Singapore often get the most attention. Young MMA fans tend to gravitate toward gambling resorts, so major fight nights at or near casinos attract young people. But that doesn’t mean millennials are playing blackjack or poker because of MMA. This, however, is providing them with reasons to be interested in visiting casino resorts.

Celebrity Rule the Casino Resort Arenas

Relatedly, MMA has also returned famous figures to casino resort arenas – which has always been crucial to the overall appeal of these towns. As an example, Las Vegas has always been associated with celebrities who are larger-than-life, from Elvis Presley to Britney Spears and Lady Gaga. In decades past, many boxers played this role, and today, it would be fair to say that Conor McGregor has taken on this role as well – arguably the biggest MMA star of all time. McGregor’s most memorable Vegas fights were chronicled in the Las Vegas Review Journal this past year, and based on the list, it seems fair to say that the fighter has made the famous Nevada gambling hub something of a home.

Estimating the Impact of MMA on the Casino Industry

In addition to all of these benefits, MMA has of course also provided yet another reason for casino visitors worldwide to place sports bets. As a result, it is difficult to quantify total betting activity, since bets are made in so many different ways – many people now place bets through their mobile devices at PA online casino, via their PC or in person. However, live events at gambling venues typically attract a huge betting crowd, so it is reasonable to assume that MMA fights at casinos have done the same.

Summing It Up

A true assessment of the overall effect of all this on casinos around the world is virtually impossible. However, casinos have gone through some tough times over the past decade or two, and Mixed Martial Arts is showing signs of recovery. An ever-evolving sport that appeals to younger audiences, features major celebrities and inspires betting activity could have been the perfect solution for the gambling industry.