Who Would Be the Main Characters in a Hypothetical MMA Slot Machine

27 Feb , 2021,
A. J. Riot

If you are a martial arts fan who also enjoys online slot games, you have likely looked for MMA-themed slots. Playing such slot games is a great way to interact with characters you relate to, which makes online betting more exciting.

Over the years, slots have improved tremendously and leading software developers, including Microgaming, Realtime Gaming, and NetEnt have started developing martial arts-themed games. As bettors continue to demand better slots, developers are bound to yield to this demand and deliver what is expected of them. Although there are existing martial arts-themed slot machines, there are some characters we would love to see on slot machines in the future. These are legends in martial arts and deserve a slot in the online betting industry. Here are some of such personalities.

Edmen Shahbazyan

Edmen Shahbazyan also known as The Golden Boy“ made his first professional appearance in MMA in February 2017. Although his career spans only a few years, he has managed to make a name for himself, which is why he would make a great slot machine character. The middleweight fighter has in the past made headlines as the most promising person in the sport.

His fans would love to see him on a slot machine as he delivers his winning knockouts to his opponents as he did in his first professional fight against Selah Williams. He won the fight against Selah with a technical knockout in the first round.

Edmen continued to fight for MMA promotions in California where he compiled a 6-0 record. The best part is that he won all the fights by first-round knockout. A slot machine inspired by Edmen would come with a jackpot feature where players would win if they defeated the opponent in the first round by a technical knockout.

Magomed Ankalaev

This Russian mixed martial artist has also made a name for himself in the MMA world. He was the first Russian to win the World Champion title in amateur MMA. He also got recognition by the Russian MMA federation as a mixed martial artist in 2012. Magomed started his fighting career in Oplot Challenge 96, where he won against Vasily Babich in 2014.

In 2017, Magomed signed a contract with Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Although he lost his debut in UFC against Paul Craig in 2018, he did a great performance and dominated the first two rounds of the fight. In the third round, Paul triangle choked Magomed leading to the latter losing the fight.

Magomed has made steady improvement in his MMA career over the years, which makes him a great slot machine character. His fans would enjoy interacting with him as they flaunt their virtual fighting prowess.

Mara Romero Borella

Imagine a slot machine with a female MMA fighter? Wouldn’t that be cool? That would be great if Mara Romero Borella would grace the screen of a slot machine as the main character. It would be fantastic to see her fight her opponents to victory and walk home with some sweet cash as a result.

Mara Romero Borella is an Italian professional MMA fighter who has made a great fighting portfolio in her career. Her first professional MMA match was in 2014, where she won the fight against Sara Regina in the first round. It would be awesome to see her bring her fury and skills to life in a slot machine, where players would have to defeat her opponents to win some cash.

Why Have Slots Become Popular Worldwide

Slots are some of the most played online casino games worldwide. Their popularity is attributed to numerous reasons, including their availability. Also, you can now easily find low minimum deposit casinos where you play your favorite slot titles without denting your bankroll. These casinos aim to attract more players, especially those who are not high rollers. As slots are easy to play, players flock these casinos to try their luck on these games.

Technology has led to rapid advancement in slot titles. Now, you can play MMA-themed slots or even those inspired by popular television shows and movies. These games don’t require skill but rather luck, which makes them extremely popular among bettors. As developers continue to bring us fresh content, it would be great to find one of the above MMA fighters as the main characters on a slot machine.