Top 4 Craziest Boxers

27 Feb , 2021,
A. J. Riot

Professional boxing has always been famous for madmen! Some boxers shocked the audience with their actions in and out of the ring. What’s more, they drove their fans crazy even more than winning with popular slots or driving fast sports cars. Here are 4 craziest boxers.

Mike Tyson

Too much has been said and filmed about the antics of this boxer. A boxer who in the past was called the most dangerous man on the face of the earth! His opponents just lost to him before the fight! And his bad antics, such as fights, scandalous incidents, jail, and many other actions, like a magnet attracted the audience even more!

But luckily Mike was a changed man with a great family and kids. He completely rehabilitated himself in the eyes of the fans. Tyson is truly a living legend of boxing!

Derek Chisora

This fighter is a real troublemaker! A boxer who managed to spit right in his rival’s face! Biting his opponents during the fight, as well as kissing them at the weigh-in.

He would pick fights on the studio floor and throw anything he could get his hands on at his opponents! The boxer, unfortunately or fortunately, did not become the heavyweight champion, but fans of boxing watch his fights anyway, knowing that they would not be bored! We should also note the fact that all Chisora’s opponents were the elite of the heavyweight division. He had no easy or easy opponents, and that’s nothing but respect!

Ricardo Mayorga

In the third place we have a real thug from Nicaragua, Ricardo Mayorga! This boxer’s fights were never boring. Ricardo was crazy in and out of the ring! His trademark style of taking punches not on the defense, but on his own head became a sort of trademark of Mayorga. 

Mayorga swore at his opponents with all the obscenities they had on earth! Got into fights at press conferences. He was a smoker and alcoholic, and he smoked on the ring, without hiding it.

He was the exact opposite of a sportsman and also a boxer who despised training, considering it a waste of time! To list this boxer’s “achievements” would require a separate article! Despite such a lifestyle and such a reckless character, Mayorga managed to become the world champion in the welterweight and light-middleweight categories! Whatever, but this boxer will definitely be remembered for a long time!

Naseem Hamed 

If anybody knows what’s flash in boxing, it’s Naseem Hamed, his fights prove it! Naseem shocked the audience not only in the ring but also outside the ring. Hamed always surprised his fans, but in contrast to other boxing stars, Hamed did not want to indulge the public. In him you could see not only a showman, but also a bright villain!

Hamed arrogantly humiliated his opponents, provoked fans and the whole boxing world with his antics. In the ring he did whatever he wanted! Naseem was so superior to his opponents, that he openly disrespected them. The man with the devastating punches and incredible reflexes is one of the best lightweights in the history of boxing!