Hotsuit and Everlast are teaming up for UFC 2021

14 Jan , 2021,
A. J. Riot

The UFC fights are coming up and the UFC fighters are going to be wearing some of the best sauna suits you will see, all thanks to the collaboration between Hotsuit and Everlast.

If you are not familiar with the two brands, here is all the information you need!

Hotsuit is world renowned for using patented technologies in their sportswear. The use of technologies helps them create workout clothes that enhances the effects of exercise and improves the shaping results. Amongst other things, their sauna suits are known for being extremely comfortable and breathable, all the while helping people sweat more.

This time, they have found a new niche to target, i.e. MMA fighters. Hotsuit has designed a new genre of sauna suits specifically for professional fighters that will allow them to move with agility and double the adrenaline rush.

Hotsuit achieves this with the newly designed, graphene induced tech fabric that enables people to sweat more while ensuring they stay comfortable and dry. The graphene also makes sure that the body heat is distributed evenly across the body to prevent overheating, and it also ensures that no type of bacteria grows on the fabric. Hotsuit and Everlast have guaranteed that you will stay comfortable even after the most intense workout sessions.

Everlast is no stranger in the world of MMA and UFC. They have been around since the beginning, and are known for designing some of the premium fighting gear that is worn by legends and champions in UFC. They have been the big guys in global sports and will continue to be as their status in the fighting industry has yet to be surpassed. Together with Hotsuit, they have designed GF-heat REG Pro for professional athletes and they also have Rose Namajunas, better known as Thug Rose as the product’s brand ambassador.

Next time you see Thug Rose in a fight she will be equipped in this exceptional sauna suit that will perhaps help her win back the title that she has claimed to want back. This collaboration between Hotsuit and Everlast, along with Rose Namajunas could mean great things for UFC in terms of sportswear. Anyone sitting at home watching the UFC fights, can also experience the thrill of fighting with these sauna suits.


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As Hotsuit has expressed, time and time again, their main goal is to make people enjoy the sweat lifestyle. Their main goal is to serve people the best active wear and products that will make them enjoy working out and allow them to achieve the desired results of their work out.

If you are as thrilled as we are, keep an eye out for the sauna suit collection to drop in the U.S that will be available online for you to order. You too can experience the rush that UFC fighters, like Rose Namajunas, feel when you see them in the Octagon.