How Basketball Became The World’s Second-Biggest Sport

26 Oct , 2020,
A. J. Riot

Whether you are looking for a sport to bet on, get involved with, or learn more about, you have a variety of options available to you today. Throughout your research, it’s likely that you’ve come across everything from hockey to lawnmower racing. Whatever the situation, there is simply no denying that there is a whole slew of options out there when it comes to the wide world of sports. Despite this, only a select few can be at the top. Basketball is one of those sports, with its ability to draw in millions and millions of fans every year. With more than 200 basketball-playing nations competing against each other every year, the Olympic dream matchups, and all the local events, it should be easy to understand why basketball became so popular and is still growing.

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Easy To Play

People love nothing more than driving the ball to the hoop. And, why wouldn’t one? It provides feelings, unlike anything you’ll experience from other sports. That being said, it is also a minimalist sport. While there are jerseys, shoes, socks, and shorts available, you don’t need these items to get started. Heck, all you need is a court and a ball. You don’t even need a full-court to play a game, as there is always the half-court game that’ll test your skills in the same way. Combine this with the easy rules set, and it is easy to understand why more and more beginners gravitate toward the sport.

Exciting Games And Finishes

If you often bet at judi online or similar sites, you know there is little more exciting than a good basketball finish. This is because the scores are usually close. Most games are back and forth, despite the blowouts in other sports. As the counter ticks down running into the finale of the game, it often becomes more and more clear that the whole exciting outcome of the game will come down to those final shots, plays, and calls. The plays that are called and how they are executed will become crucial for the outcome of the event. And, this is something that is frequent in high school, college. And professional basketball. It’s all the dramatic finishes that really get people hooked.

The World’s Game

Although basketball was invented in Massachusetts as a means to fill student’s time and agendas during the winter months, it quickly grew to become an internationally recognized and played sport. The same can be said today, although the sport isn’t quite as prevalent as soccer. However, at the time, there weren’t many sports that offer this kind of reach, but basketball was one of them. And, yes a lot of this had to do with the Olympics, but there is still no denying that the sport took international sports to an all-new level. This is especially true with the heated rivalry that was built between the United States and the Soviets.


Excitement, betting line, international access, and simplicity unlike any other, what’s not to love about basketball? You could really sit here and go on all day, but the above list should be more than enough to make the answer clear.