Four of the Most Educated MMA Fighters

26 Jul , 2020,
A. J. Riot

MMA has become widespread in the world since the 90’s of the last century, but the roots of mixed fights go back many centuries. The BC Olympic Games included Pankration, the oldest recorded example of a combat sport. MMA has become quite common among college students. This is absolutely normal, as a career in MMA is associated with high incomes and provides considerable popularity to fighters. Besides, MMA training is great for physical fitness. Regular workouts will help you get in good physical shape, all major muscle groups are utilized in martial arts classes and decent cardio is given. The psychological stress of sparring has an additional effect. However, with all the advantages of studying MMA, you should not drop out of university. We have compiled a list of a few MMA fighters with a higher education diploma.

Why Does an MMA Fighter Need Higher Education?

It is worth approaching the issue of choosing education from a philosophical point of view rather than a practical one. I believe that every regular person looking towards the future should get a higher education. A person’s mental development is one of the main factors that affects their daily life. Athleticism does not last forever. With age, health will decline for Olympic champions as well as simply talented athletes, but knowledge always remains. Of course, being professionally engaged in MMA, there may not be enough time for study, in which case, an excellent solution would be to seek help from a writing service WriteMyEssayOnline. Try to work in your studies in between important contests and MMA training. And now, as promised, a list of educated MMA fighters to boost motivation.

Chael Sonnen

Chael Sonnen is a successful MMA fighter who has a bachelor’s degree in sociology. He has repeatedly noted in interviews that it is thanks to his studies that he is well versed in people and avoids conflicts in everyday life. In addition, he can always maintain an intellectual conversation, which destroys the myth about the low intelligence of MMA fighters and professional athletes in general.

Shane Carwin

Shane Carwin is another example of a college-educated MMA fighter. He has a degree in  mechanical engineering and is very proud of it. Shane Carwin does not hide the fact that fighting and learning at the same time is very, very difficult. But, as he himself says, “if you really want to, then everything is possible.”

Now retired from MMA, Shane Carwin is currently writing research papers and completing his doctoral dissertation.

When asked why a professional athlete needs a doctorate, Shane Carwin said: “I am not doing this for the sake of a degree, scientific work is of interest to me. I am writing my Ph.D. thesis on the use of engineering in MMA and have the opportunity to constantly consult with the best fighters in the world. This allows me to better plan my workouts, which gives me extra confidence. ”

Terry Martin

Terry Martin is widely known as an MMA fighter and not very widely known as a psychologist. Like Chael Sonnen, Terry Martin has a degree in psychology and also notes its usefulness. If in his youth Terry put sports career first, then with age he began to value education more and more. Now, in his own words, he has not the slightest reason to regret such a choice. “I’m rather happy that I have an education and a place of work,” says the fighter. Terry Martin doesn’t think he could have done more if he focused solely on professional sports. And who now dares to declare that he stops training in order to fully devote himself to studies?

Takeya Mizugaki

Takeya Mizugaki is a famous Japanese MMA fighter. And you know what? He also has a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering. According to him, many of the things that he learned at the university are necessary for our crazy pace of life. For example, knowledge of foreign languages ​​was very useful for him: he constantly flies around the world, and the language barrier has become less noticeable. Also, he mentions that knowledge of laws was not superfluous, as well as bio-mechanics and philosophy. The ability to calculate, write, think more deeply, express your thoughts correctly – all this helps in everyday life. And, of course, you can later get a decent job – if you ultimately don’t succeed in MMA, Takeya Mizugaki likes to repeat.

Summing up

I believe that it is necessary to have a higher education. Sport is, of course, good, but it does not last forever. You will not be able to do sports all your life, you need to do some ordinary activities. In addition, you may be interested in the faculty in which you study. Sports, of course, will take most of your time, but you can also try to find some time to study. Don’t drop out, and good luck.