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JCS’ Top 25 P4P Boxing List – Issue #1

10 Dec , 2007,
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It has been a personal hobby of mine to keep a pound-for-pound boxing list to compare with those of others, including those of major publications.  Like in the computerized system, I try to put neutrality first and determine who the very best fighters of the world are, independent of weight divisions.

1.  Floyd Mayweather Jr. – Declaring #1 is easy.  Fresh off of his dominant win over Ricky Hatton, Floyd has proven time and time again that he is the top fighter in the world, in terms of ability, and accomplishment.

2.  Manny Pacquiao – By default more than anything, Pacquiao remains at #2.  I can’t say I’ve been impressed with his recent performances.  But, his accomplishments in the past few years assure that he remains as high as #2.  However, this placement will definitely be up for debate after his March fight with Juan Manuel Marquez.

3.  Juan Manuel Marquez – JM Marquez is likely the best technical boxer in the entire sport.  In his first bout at 130 against Barrera, he was not at all impressive.  However, he has since looked excellent.  Look for him to knock off Pacquiao in March.

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