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Boxing Stats – Did you Know?

12 Dec , 2007,


Everyone has varying opinions as to whether or not a boxer (or fighter) can rebound from a knockout loss. We know it happens, but how often? I dug into the BoxRec database, and came up with some numbers.

  • From 1980 to present, a boxer losing by knockout, technical knockout, or corner retirement, won the rematch about 17.3% of the time. The interesting part is, this number drops as we only consider more recent bouts.
  • From 1990 to present, the figure drops to approximately 16%.
  • From 2000 to present, it plummets to about 13.3%.
  • 2005 to present? 12.6%

One can only assume why this trend occurs. Has matchmaking gotten worse? Are the winning boxers simply taking their careers more seriously?