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Match of the Day: Vasyl Lomachenko vs. Jorge Linares (May 12, 2018)

14 May , 2018,
Eriksson Rau
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Lomachenko vs. Linares 

Date: Saturday, May 12
Time: 8 p.m. ET
Location: Madison Square Garden — New York City

In front of 10,429 in attendance, Lomachenko survived a knockdown in round 6 to win via TKO in round 10 after a perfectly placed liver shot to claim the WBA (Super) and The Ring lightweight titles. In doing so he became the fastest fighter ever to win titles in 3 different weight classes (only 12 professional fights) shattering the previous record of 20 fights, which was held by Jeff Fenech.

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Pardon our dust…

28 Apr , 2018,

Dear readers,

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, we’ve upgraded our site layout to a more mobile friendly version. This is a work in progress and you will see some additional tweaks in the coming weeks. In the meanwhile, please let us know if you come across any problems: dead links, broken pages, usability issues on desktop or mobile devices, etc. Please leave your feedback in comments or use the Contact Us form and we will do our best to fix any bugs ASAP!

As always, thank you for visiting our site and please come back often – we’re looking to add some new features in 2018 and are open to your feedback about what you would like to see on Fight Matrix.


MMA and Online Gaming: What You Need to Know

16 Apr , 2018,
A. J. Riot
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The Internet has had its impact on almost every industry out there. For gamers, it’s been a great way to experience gaming, allowing them to try out a different niche of gaming easily. With time, the concept of online gaming has changed too. We had those flash games around a decade back, taking up as little as a megabyte of space. Back in those times, internet speed was slow, and you couldn’t do much more.

Not anymore. And the games have changed as a result too. You could try out online gaming on all your favorite games, which includes the likes of PES, FIFA and even Counter-Strike. With download speeds often cross 50 Mbps, online gaming has taken on a new definition today.

Online gaming: Different Than Even Half a Decade Back!

The gaming sector has been largely influenced by the technological advancement all around. If you are into gaming, you must be aware how the online world has completely changed how people perceive gaming. First, gaming has become far more accessible than it ever was. You can sit on your drawing room sofa with your smartphone and play online till you are tired. You can play online pokies to your heart’s content, or try the more complex games. Either way, you will never be bored.

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One Championship – Weight Division Confusion

3 Apr , 2018,

Due to a weight cutting death, One Championship rolled out changes to their weigh-ins and divisional ranges at the start of 2016.

Although online literature suggests they still do weigh-ins, I can’t find any legitimate pre-event weigh-in results since they rolled out this new program.  As far as I can tell, they come up with a fight-ready, perhaps slightly dehydrated weight for each fighter and put them in whatever division they fit.

What makes it more confusing is how they structure their ranges:

Division  OneFC Limit   Standard Limit 
Heavyweight 265 265
Light Heavyweight 225 205
Middleweight 205 185
Welterweight 185 170
Lightweight 170 155
Featherweight 155 145
Bantamweight 145 135
Flyweight 135 125
Strawweight 125 115
Atomweight 115 105

The upper-limit of Heavyweight remains unchanged, while all of the other divisions are staggered by one, with the exception of Light Heavyweight, which basically equates to a “Light” Heavyweight.  So, they tried to make the common naming convention “work” with their altered methods.

To incorporate a real-world example, Bibiano Fernandes is the promotion’s 145-pound champion.  In a fight-ready, perhaps slightly dehydrated state, he probably is about 145 pounds and as far as I can tell, this is where he is expected to weigh under their strange conditions — so this is pretty clear so far.

To OneFC, he is a “Bantamweight”, but at where he’s expected to weigh, he’d be considered a “Featherweight” to the rest of the MMA world, sans-Shooto, whose division ranges are staggered as well, but in the opposite direction.  However, in the rest of MMA, he would not be exempt from cutting an additional 10 or so pounds of water weight, so in all likelihood, he’d weigh-in at 135 prior to the event — a “true” Bantamweight.

As you may have noticed, our divisional limits are slightly higher than the standard limits, to accommodate for slight variances historically in organizations shifting things a bit, deciding to use the metric system and with another pound or two on top of that to allow for small weigh-in misses.  However, they aren’t so much higher to allow for OneFC fighters to be slotted in their “true” MMA divisions without breaking our own rules and ignoring actual weigh-in results.

Hopefully this clears things up.

Project Spearhead, the newest “Fighter Association/Union” to pop up, shows a clear plan to better fighters

2 Mar , 2018,
Eriksson Rau

So here’s a bit of the the backstory, at the 2017 UFC Athlete Retreat the UFC had brought out special guest speakers to give their own little “Ted Talks”. One of those guests was Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers, and one of the UFC athletes to attend was Leslie Smith (currently 2 fight win streak since fighting Cris Cyborg, exploded ear, 5 FOTN bonuses – 4 in Invicta – 1 in UFC). And Leslie Smith asked him about Unions.

What They Are Fighting For whether or not they unionize:

“The UFC can choose to either pay into our needs and respect us as employees with a say in all decisions affecting us.”


“Treat us like the independent contractors that we are being called and lighten up with the USADA supervision, uniforms and restrictions.”

“We need to have either the autonomy of being independent contractors like the UFC claims we are or we need to get benefits and a seat at the table as employees since the UFC treats us like employees.” –

All this can be found on their website neatly under the “Why Associations” tab.

Next, is the process, which is also concisely explained and outlined on the website for Smith’s fellow fighters.

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What Are Fantasy Sports

16 Feb , 2018,
A. J. Riot
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Although most people have heard of fantasy sports, millions of people actually play it. But you may be one of the few who has no idea what it really is, and that’s why we’re here today – to help you out in understanding the fantasy sports mania.

You may know that it involves putting together virtual teams that are based on real players. And then that you judge the performance on those imaginary teams based on how the real players do on the field. Sure, that’s the basics of it.

The entire thing began as a fun game that used to be played among friends. But nowadays, it’s turned into a multi-billion-dollar industry that even has influence on actual sports. And how it works is, the fans pick their favorite players in an online selection process, also known as a draft, in order to assemble a fantasy team. Then, the real-game statistics of those players are compiled and compared in order to see whose fantasy sports team has done the best job.

Since it involves payments and rewards, some deem it on par with actual sports betting, while others claim that fantasy sports require more skill than luck.

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The Best of MMA in 2017

8 Jan , 2018,
A. J. Riot
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Looking back at 2017, it was definitely another great year for MMA fans and the various platforms in which the combat sport exists. The likes of the UFC all enjoyed great success, and it was another year in which they gained more fans, more popularity and more time in the media spotlight. We even saw an MMA fighter in Conor McGregor make his way into the boxing ring in order to fight Floyd Mayweather. This move also helped develop more interest in MMA, but which were the standout moments in 2017?

For a start, there were a whole host of great fights over the course of the year. Max Holloway put in a stunning performance against one of the all-time greats Jose Aldo at UFC 212. Holloway beat Aldo with a third round KO/TKO after some ground and pound. At UFC Fight Night 104 Jessica Andrade managed to show her class beating Angela Hill by unanimous decision, while heavy underdog Darren Elkins delivered a superb KO/TKO via head kicks and punches to take down the undefeated Mirsad Bektic. The best fights of the year though saw Sweden’s David Teymur defeat Lando Vannata by decision and Justin Gaethje’s devastating KO/TKO of Michael Johnson at Ultimate Fighter 25.

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2017 Awards: Men’s Fighters of the Year

3 Jan , 2018,
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As a recap, most “Fighter of the Year” awards on other sites are really “Breakout Fighter of the Year” awards in that fighters who win, were usually not top fighters in the beginning of the year, but became so by the end of the year.

A fighter like this can and has won our FotY awards, but our award is more about maintaining a high standing during the award year by performing well a sufficient number of times and against a sufficient quality of opponents.  It is more comparable to a season MVP in major team sports, not a playoffs/surprise MVP.

Winners (Tie): Demetrious Johnson, Max Holloway

A very tight call, too tight to call… so we’re going with co-winners for the first time.  DJ gets the nod with the #1 ranking for all 365 days, while Holloway twice beat an all-time great, albeit the same fighter.


3rd Place: Tyron Woodley

Like DJ, Woodley keeps churning out the quality performances and reigns over an even deeper division.  But this year, he takes a backseat to DJ and Holloway.

MMA Fun Facts

Jan , 2018,
A. J. Riot
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Many people think they know MMA fighting inside and out. They watch tons of fights and remember lots of interesting details and facts about the sport. However, there are some MMA facts which only the most astute MMA enthusiasts have heard about and those are the types of trivia featured in our article.

These facts might win you the first prize in your Friday night pub quiz or they might be the reason you win an MMA inspired bet with a friend. If you are in luck you might even impress a lady or two. Speaking of  luck, if you feel that fortune favors you, you may want to test yourself at Joreels at FeedBack Casino or wager on some of the games at Casino Lemonade rather than trying to impress a lady or have a wager with a friend. This is where the real money is, and once you win it, the ladies will come flocking in anyway.

The Octagon

The famous eight-sided cage is one of the most iconic images representing MMA, and the term ‘Octagon’ is a trademark held by the UFC. However, not many people know that the actual Octagon was inspired by a 1980 film bearing the same name. The film starred Chuck Norris as martial artists battling ninjas who try to create a worldwide training camp for terrorists.

Similarly to real life MMA fights, the last scenes in the film take place in an area known as “The Octagon”, in which needless to say, Chuck Norris’ character uses his martial arts skills to wreak havoc on his enemies.

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2017 Awards: Women’s Fighters of the Year

2 Jan , 2018,
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As a recap, most “Fighter of the Year” awards on other sites are really “Breakout Fighter of the Year” awards in that fighters who win, were usually not top fighters in the beginning of the year, but became so by the end of the year.

A fighter like this can and has won our FotY awards, but our award is more about maintaining a high standing during the award year by performing well a sufficient number of times and against a sufficient quality of opponents.  It is more comparable to a season MVP in major team sports, not a playoffs/surprise MVP.


Winner: Cristiane Justino

With her win over Holm, Cyborg is right on Rousey’s heels for the title of best female MMA fighter ever.  For now, she’ll have to settle with being the best of 2017.


Runner-Up: Rose Namajunas

Rose was looking like the winner, right until the last weekend of the year.


3rd Place: Livia Renata Souza

Winning more than once and being one of the best fighters outside of the UFC is good enough to earn Souza the third position.