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What To Know About The Annual WWE Royal Rumble

12 Jan , 2020,
A. J. Riot

The long awaited annual World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Royal Rumble is finally here with us! This year’s edition of the January-held event promises entertaining matches with famous professional wrestlers cum crowd favorites such as The Fiend©, Daniel Bryan, Becky Lynch© and Asuka taking to the stage.

With the holiday season firmly behind us, the Wrestle Kingdom has shut its borders and wrestling fanatics can now anticipate the most intriguing PPV put forth by WWE this year. The Royal Rumble 2020 show acts as the first step on the exciting journey to WrestleMania but might just be a little more entertaining. The Royal Rumble competition, since its institution in 1988, has been a major part of WWE’s calendar, revolving around its rather widely-unpredictable thirty man-match.

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Highest Current Ratings (by Age)

Jan , 2020,

Taking a page out of ESPN’s book (Ranking the best boxers by age), here are the highest rated active fighters by current age (using Glicko, FM Division Dominance, FM “P4P” points)

Age DD P4P Glicko
15 Yoo Jin Shin (1) Yoo Jin Shin (1) Yoo Jin Shin (1510)
16 Liandra Kemelly Freitas de Souza (1) Liandra Kemelly Freitas de Souza (1) Jhenifer Katrine Vasconcelos (1733)
Nehoray Nahmani (1733)
17 Rodrigo Sobrinho de Moura (1) Rodrigo Sobrinho de Moura (3) Welisson dos Santos Paiva (1959)
18 Cristian Entony Silva Fernandes (1) Leonardo Feitosa (3) Leonardo Feitosa (1886)
19 Makoto Takahashi (1) Makoto Takahashi (15) Makoto Takahashi (2058)
20 Kay Hansen (1) Kay Hansen (7) Chase Hooper (2097)
21 Maycee Barber (1) Maycee Barber (19) Christian Lee (2488)
22 Yadong Song (1) Salahdine Parnasse (24) Salahdine Parnasse (2368)
23 Valesca Machado da Silva (1) Arman Tsarukyan (15) Ismail Naurdiev (2356)
24 A.J. McKee (57) A.J. McKee (44) A.J. McKee (2590)
25 Arnold Allen (1) Arnold Allen (24) Mukhamed Berkhamov (2420)
26 Petr Yan (156) Petr Yan (36) Petr Yan (2591)
27 Kevin Lee (121) Rose Namajunas (44) Natan Schulte (2557)
28 Max Holloway (413) Max Holloway (88) Max Holloway (2748)
29 Robert Whittaker (152) Kyoji Horiguchi (93) Robert Whittaker (2700)
30 Dustin Poirier (378) Israel Adesanya (168) Israel Adesanya (2827)
31 Khabib Nurmagomedov (673) Khabib Nurmagomedov (258) Khabib Nurmagomedov (2950)
32 Kamaru Usman (511) Jon Jones (459) Jon Jones (2943)
33 Francis Ngannou (219) Demetrious Johnson (336) Francis Ngannou (2757)
34 Jussier Formiga (157) Cristiane Justino (58) Gegard Mousasi (2736)
35 Tony Ferguson (425) Tony Ferguson (172) Tony Ferguson (2875)
36 Rafael Lovato Jr. (133) Thiago Santos (41) Ryan Bader (2819)
37 Stipe Miocic (507) Stipe Miocic (254) Stipe Miocic (2930)
38 Frankie Edgar (91) Michel Prazeres (30) Frankie Edgar (2430)
39 Bibiano Fernandes (51) Bibiano Fernandes (44) Bibiano Fernandes (2533)
40 Daniel Cormier (342) Daniel Cormier (175) Daniel Cormier (2864)
41 Jon Fitch (50) Jon Fitch (31) Jon Fitch (2617)
42 Yoel Romero (132) Demian Maia (37) Demian Maia (2673)
43 Fedor Emelianenko (1) Antonio Rogerio Nogueira (20) Fedor Emelianenko (2535)
44 Cheick Kongo (1) Cheick Kongo (34) Cheick Kongo (2523)
45 Miyuu Yamamoto (1) Miyuu Yamamoto (9) Mark Hunt (2153)
46 Masaya Takita (1) Masaya Takita (2) Maxim Novoselov (1945)
47 Piotr Swierczewski (1) Joe Perry (1) Valid Abdurachmanov (1783)
48 Ryuta Sakurai (1) Ryuta Sakurai (2) Ryuta Sakurai (1929)
49 Antonio McKee (1) Kazuyuki Fujita (2) Antonio McKee (2118)
50 Genilton Tavares (1) Genilton Tavares (1) Chuck Liddell (2082)
51 Masahiro Oishi (1) Masahiro Oishi (1) Masahiro Oishi (1663)
52 Yasuko Tamada (1) Lee Mein (1) Antonio Graceffo (1959)
53 Ramazan Ramazanov (1) Ramazan Ramazanov (1) Ramazan Ramazanov (2043)


We don’t have every single birth date, so if there is an obvious miss, let us know.

Comparing the strength of schedule of Michael “Venom” Page and Anderson Silva through 18 fights

3 Jan , 2020,
Richard Mann
, , ,

During the broadcast of Bellator 237, former referee turned commentator “Big” John McCarthy mentioned that Michael Page’s schedule through his career so far has been similar in terms of difficulty to that of former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva through the same stretch. Since Page has developed the reputation of a can smasher, this comment raised the ire of many MMA fans on social media. On its face, the comment is absurd. In his first 18 fights, Silva claimed the Shooto middleweight (168-pound) championship and knocked off a former UFC welterweight champion. But is the comparison really that outlandish?

Using Fight Matrix ranking points, it is possible to approximate the level of difficulty both fighters have faced through their first 18 fights. Every year, the website publishes the “Upsets of the Year” award. The most simple calculation is “Most Noteworthy,” which is the difference in ranking points (ranking points of a fighter minus the ranking points of an opponent). The higher the number, the larger the favorite. Through their first 18 fights, Page’s average most noteworthy score is 22.83, while Silva’s 21.61. However, that does not tell the entire story. Page’s average is buttressed by his fight against Douglas Lima. He went in as a heavy underdog against the Bellator champion and got knocked out in the second round. Without that fight, his average most noteworthy score rises to 41.35.

Also, Page’s level of opposition has declined significantly following his only career defeat. He has been a heavy favorite in his last three fights over Richard Keily, Gianni Melillo and Shinzo Anzai. The spike on the following chart is quite evident.

(Click here for the interactive Tableau Public version of this chart)

It would also be unfair to Silva to ignore that fact that his a large portion of his early opposition went on to have solid careers. When he fought Luiz Azeredo, Fabricio Camoes and Roan Carneiro they were a combined 3-2. All three went on to have extensive careers in major promotions such as the UFC and Pride FC. While those fighters blossomed later in their careers, it seems unlikely that will happen for some of Page’s early opponents. His first two opponents, Ben Dishman and Miguel Bernard, are still a combined 0-6 nearly eight years later.

While it does seem like large McCarthy was shilling from the commentary booth, Page’s early career run has not been that facile. However, his team and Bellator have clearly tried to give him a softer touch as of late.

Richard Mann is a regular contributor to @ESPNMMA, @FightMetric, @RotoWireMMA and @InterMat. You can follow him on Twitter at @richardamann.

How To Get Started With Mixed Martial Arts

15 Dec , 2019,
A. J. Riot

Anyone can try Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) for fitness or to become a real fighter. It is essential to know where to start if you wish to get the most out of your training. Here are some tips to help you get started with this sport:

Do your Research 

Before beginning your MMA training, research the options available for you. Go to the nearest gym that has professional MMA fighters attending. Choose a class to join which suits your needs. This is also true when finding the best casino bonus for you.

Try Before Committing 

The majority of MMA training gyms offer free sessions to clients who are interested in booking the class. As such, be sure to try one class first before committing. This is also the same when playing and earning the casino bonus. Sometimes, you may discover that MMA is not the right sport for you. Give some time to yourself to figure things before trying it for a long time.

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Bowling vs Other Sports: Which One is Better? 

12 Oct , 2019,
A. J. Riot

Choosing the right sport for your needs might be a daunting experience, especially with all the options available. When you want to play a game that will involve your entire body and will not require you to utilize a too much energy in the process, bowling becomes the right option. However, there are also other benefits that your body might experience when you engage in playing other sports. If you’re still unsure of which sport you should get into with the little free time you get for recreation, here is a brief guide that will help you make the right choice.

Bowling vs Trampoline

These two sports are completely on a different level, and they all have their ideal benefits to a person. Children often use the trampoline as a way of bouncing up and down while they play. On the other hand, adults use the trampoline as a way of exercising and doing some incredible stunts that they wouldn’t achieve without the trampoline. With the trampoline bed, adults can perform some exceptional athletics and get their entire body worked out.

On the other hand, bowling involves rippling a ball through a set of ten pins at the end of the alley. To achieve great results with a single strike, then you will require to be skilled and with exceptional aiming abilities. The game requires you to have outstanding coordination between your arms, legs, and general body muscles.

Like jumping on a trampoline bed, bowling involves the entire body and can be used to correct some health issues. To learn more differences between the two sports and which is best for you, you can check this website.

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Exactly 50 UFC’s ago in Australia, Robert Whittaker took on Uriah “Primetime” Hall | UFC 193 Rewatch

4 Oct , 2019,

UFC 243 is upon us. Robert Whittaker and Israel Adesanya look to unify the Middleweight title in front of 50,000 fans in Australia. The biggest fight in Oceania history.

Exactly 50 UFC PPVs ago at UFC 193, Robert Whittaker was in the middle of the main card in an exciting striking oriented match up with Uriah Hall.

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Epic Cricket Fights of 2019

16 Sep , 2019,
A. J. Riot

This year has seen quite a few spectacular cricket matches. Both the World Cup and Ashes were exciting to watch, with surprising twists and riveting dynamics on the field. Here, we will take a look at two of the most intense cricket rivalries so far.

Epic battles in the world of cricket are not to be missed. Latest news on proves it. Incredible matches like the ones below are best watched in real-time! These are unforgettable moments in the game when tension was soaring.

England Win Their First World Cup

It finally happened! The final match against New Zealanders was an incredible dramatic event that went down in history. A super over decided the game, and England came on top in their fourth World Cup appearance, an achievement preceded by their 1992 loss to Pakistan.

The spectacle was watched by roughly 8 million people, which is the biggest UK TV audience for cricket ever. Many viewers described the game as one of the greatest matches in history. New Zealand was out batting and out bowling the rivals, showing magnificent play, but luck was on England’s side.

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Fight Matrix Ranking Points for the Bellator Featherweight Tournament

23 Jul , 2019,
Richard Mann

Last week Bellator announced the participants in what they are calling the Bellator Featherweight World Grand Prix Tournament. Despite obviously being the number-two MMA promotion, Scott Coker and company were able to put together quite the field. Headlining the tournament is reigning Bellator featherweight and lightweight champion #6 LW Patricio Freire. Also in the bracket are former Bellator champions #12 BW Darrion Caldwell, #38 FW Pat Curran and #128 LW Daniel Straus as well as former WSOF champion #39 FW Georgi Karakhanyan.

The following chart looks like the Fight Matrix ranking history of all participants since they were first ranked by the system. An interactive version is available via Tableau Public.

Other Notes:
Highest Ranking Point Total: Patricio Freire with 553 (7/1/2019)
Highest Ranking: Pat Curran at #2 Featherweight (7/1/2012 to 1/1/2013)
Earliest Rank Date: Daniel Weichel (1/1/2004)
Latest Rank Date: Tywan Claxton (1/1/2019)
Most Wins: Daniel Weichel with 39
Most Losses: Daniel Weichel with 11

Richard Mann is a regular contributor to @ESPNMMA, @FightMetric, @RotoWireMMA and @InterMat. You can follow him on Twitter at @richardamann.