How to Strike a Perfect Balance Between Boxing and College

17 Aug , 2020,
Sandra Larson

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Among college students, boxing is growing increasingly popular every day. This is largely due to how popular boxing as a sport is becoming. It’s a great sport for keeping one motivated and active at all times. As a result of the increasing popularity, many students are getting more and more interested in taking up boxing as a serious hobby. That said, given the wild demands college and its array of responsibilities can have on a student’s time, it can be hard to find that sweet spot of balance between boxing and college.

The difficulty of juggling.

Most students have a hard time juggling their academics and boxing as a hobby. As such, it’s no surprise that many, if not careful may find themselves falling behind in one or the other.

It really doesn’t have to be this way. You can sort it out by getting some help on the academic side, such as asking yourself “where can I find a service that can do my essay?” to take a bit of the load of assignments off your back. This way, you can partly get the help you need to juggle between your passion for boxing and your responsibility to finish college and pass with flying colors.

There are, of course, also other steps you can follow to strike the right balance between boxing and college life.

Keep a detailed planner

There are a few things you can count on from both school and boxing. These include scheduled matches and training sessions on the boxing side and also assignment deadlines, test dates, and expected project completion dates on the academic side. How do you manage the two? You write them in a planner so you don’t forget any of them and so that you don’t end up with two dates or deadlines clashing.

Start by scheduling all of your school tasks so you know exactly how much space you have left in your schedule for boxing. You can then schedule your boxing matches and training sessions. Finally, keep consulting the planner on a regular basis, preferably at the beginning of each day or each week to get a good idea of what’s coming up, what’s a priority, and how to adequately prepare for it.

Use the resources you have at your disposal.

Don’t wait until your academic performance takes a nosedive into the depths of the ocean. You will then have to deal with the scrutiny of both your professors and your parents or guardians, and the added stress is definitely something you could do without. Instead, take a proactive approach and familiarize yourself with the academic services offered by the school. They were put there for a reason: to help you. And so there is no shame in consulting them.

You can also talk to your professors on a regular basis, asking for help where you need it and to reassure them that you are committed to their classes and the school. Many tutors have no qualms about helping learners to get ahead, so long as those learners show a keen determination to improve their academic performance.

Boxing should be fun and relaxing

As un-intuitive as it may sound, boxing should not be seen as a competition, as that merely implies more stress for you. It should instead be seen as a form of relaxation and an escape from the daily stressors you face in life.

Sure, many athletes who take up boxing in college or elsewhere see it as a valid career path. However, this often leads them to stress out over training sessions and boxing matches. Of course, anything that you set out to be the best in, or even do your best in, is bound to be a source of stress. My advice is that you stop seeing it that way, especially if you don’t intend to turn boxing into a career. You should instead see it as a fun hobby that you use to relax.

When you take part in physical activities in this way, your stress will be relieved and your brain performance will be boosted. You’ll also be happier.

Set goals and be committed to themselves

Sports and academics, like everything else, are all about setting targets and trying to meet them. You should set holistic goals for your academics that you can realistically attain with a given time period and work toward them. The same will apply to your boxing hobby. That way, you have a sense of making progress, even as you try to juggle the two.


Remember to map out your priorities and break them down into manageable tasks, and then do each of them diligently. Give everything your best shot but don’t be too hard on yourself. Remember to take it easy and enjoy yourself, and ask for help wherever you can. Ultimately, you’ll find your rhythm, and it will sustain you through your responsibilities and passions way beyond school and boxing.

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Sandra Larson is a writer and editor with a focus on education and self-improvement. She loves to write inspiring pieces that offer her readers insights into how to navigate the vicissitudes of life. When not writing, she loves to practice yoga.