4 Reasons Why Boxing Became Popular Among Students

9 Mar , 2020,
Emma Rundle

Boxing is an exciting sport, especially for the macho types, and quite attractive to most young male students in high schools and colleges. It is a sport that expresses masculinity and brawn and demonstrates power and courage.

Boxing is popular across high school and college gyms acting as a common denominator for the bright in class and the not so smart. It engenders a sense of unity for sparring partners and promotes respect among peers. Among many other reasons for the popularity of boxing for students, here are four top ones.


1. Boxing helps relieve stress

Students face multiple stress loads, especially during exam times that can compromise their performance. Besides pressures to excel in exams, they face various personal and relationship issues and general stresses of growing up. This is where hitting the gym for a boxing workout or sparring is a good option besides having a good time with friends.

The intensity needed in a punching bag workout is heavy and stimulates a generous flow of endorphins. These body chemicals, when released into the bloodstream, act as a natural anti-stress and anti-anxiety drug.

The effect relieves the mind and leaves you feeling good and with a sense of well-being. It is a simple way to exercise and relieve stress and a boxing ring is freely available to students in most high school and college gyms.

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Boxing for health and fitness

Activities around boxing from workouts, sparring, to the actual fight in the ring are intense and high octane; good for stamina and endurance. The exercises heighten cardiovascular rate, greatly optimizing your heart and lungs.

The intense physical activity helps burn fat, toning the body with that six-pack ripped physique students love to have. Every muscle of your body is worked out thoroughly, leaving one with immense physical strength.

Boxing for mental health is another great advantage of this sport that attracts students. Channeling all your energy and frustrations into hitting that heavy bag gives you relief from possible depression if not suffering already.

The gym creates fraternal belonging and drives away loneliness while boosting self-esteem and confidence among peers. This also helps excluded students find a way to fit in.


Boxing teaches self-protection skills

Who does not need some sort of defense in the event of an attack by muggers? Not everyone carries a gun around for protection and definitely not students. So having some basic self-defense skills is one reason students throng to boxing gyms to arm themselves.

Boxing is a perfect martial art that is both a sport and at the same time useful on the street in the face of danger.

With the confidence you gain from learning boxing, you will gain self-composure and a sense of being in control when you find yourself in a sticky situation.

Most students find themselves in brawls at one time or another, and having such skills can be a lifesaver. Sometimes all you need to know is how to dodge punches from attackers, which is a basic boxing skill.

Enhanced focus of mind

The art of boxing is simple and yet intricate in its training and mastery. One has to develop a discipline of extreme focus to master the fancy footwork, combinations, and punches executed at a high speed.

The intensity of boxing lessons and actual fights do not allow room for your mind to wander, and concentration is necessary unless you want a broken nose! This acquired focus becomes second nature to a student and a great benefit in class when taking academic lessons or exams.

To be a good boxer, one must practice foot motion, excellent hand-eye coordination for accurate punch delivery, and a good sense of balance. This enhances mind focus and keeps one alert at all times through longtime practice. Students who know this secret love boxing.


Boxing is a fun sport among the youth and having started as a masculine discipline attracts more boys, although girls are joining the ring in recent times. Its ability to foster fraternal grouping makes it immensely popular in learning institutions. For students with social problems or academic weakness, boxing accords them an avenue to express themselves freely with confidence while in the gym and this helps them blend in well with the rest.

Author Bio:

Emma Rundle is an academic writer working with a reputed online writing service that’s a favorite for many international students. She has been a sports enthusiast since her college days and because of this, she also runs a sports blog. In her free time, she spends time doing kitchen gardening, reading autobiographies and writing sports blogs.