Could MMA Fighters Cut it in the Boxing Ring?

15 Feb , 2020,
A. J. Riot

After what was viewed as a marketing gig in the ring between boxer Floyd Mayweather and MMA fighter Conor McGregor, we are set to witness more of the same. Fights between these two set of fighters are here to stay. The fight between the famous pair raked in a lot of money, amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars, prompting promoters to rethink their position on organizing similar events.

Mixed martial artists are not believed to be as lethal with the use of hands as their boxing counterparts, but the skills honed by these combatants have certainly come a long way. In modern MMA, the boxing aspect is emphasized. There is even more focus on acquiring essential boxing skills in training, meaning that the skill gap is slowly bridging.

Several fighters drawn from both sides of the divide are angling for match-ups, and a trend is likely to develop. It makes economic sense, and a lot of it. But the main question has been whether these MMA fighters can really make it in the boxing ring.

McGregor was no pushover against the fancied Mayweather, and it is quite understandable he is looking for a rematch, or a different fight with Manny Pacquiao. Terrence Crawford wants a two-fight series in both the Octagon and the ring against McGregor, while Jorge Masvidal is looking to fight boxer Canelo Alvarez. If any of these fights materializes, be sure to bet via on a number of markets.

The Lucrative Ring

From the growing list of mixed martial artists looking to try their hand in the ring, it is evident that the fighters already understand just how lucrative getting their names on the boxing ring can be. But how could they fare in the experience? Remember, all upcoming mixed fights will be available for betting with Betway.

The MMA vs Boxing talk must have gotten the attention of boxing trainer Joe Grossen, who recently talked about how several MMA fighters stack up in boxing, and how they would perform in the boxing ring alongside trained boxers. He was interested in Stipe Miocic’s confident admission that he wants to fight Tyson Fury who is by all standards an established boxer and a Betway favorite in many bouts. 

Grossen watched clips of Miocic, and even though he was impressed by his right hand, he was concerned about how the two-time UFC Heavyweight Champion places his head during fights. He was quick to highlight that boxers would easily identify that as a weakness and capitalize.

In reality, there may be a lot of similarities in training of both boxing and MMA, but there is also where the lines get drawn. We are talking Mixed Martial Artists getting into a boxing ring, and making a claim here, but with all fairness, it is a disadvantage to the MMA combatants. The approach and the rules are quite different, and boxers have perfected the art of boxing. However, with a good number of former MMA fighters successfully transforming into immense boxers, it takes time and training to make the switch, but it is safe to say there is a very thin line between the two.