MMA Betting at Betway

27 Nov , 2019,
A. J. Riot

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a sport that involves two opponents grappling and striking each other in an attempt to end the match by forcing a knockout, a submission, or a referee stoppage.  The roots of this sport, like most martial arts, lie in Asia. MMA officials award fighters with points each round to decide a winner if a fight goes the distance; however fans and fighters alike prefer when fights end before the scheduled number of rounds. Betway98 provides a variety of MMA betting markets. There are many different Mixed Martial Arts leagues; the biggest ones include the One Championship, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) , the World Combat League (WCL), and Bellator. Read up on these tips to improve your MMA betting skills.

Popular MMA Bets

Here are some of the most common types Mixed Martial Arts bets:

  • Pairing complementary bets: You can place different types of MMA bets in an accumulator, also known as a parlay. For example, you can predict that a fighter will win a bout by knockout. They can win after over 2.5 rounds. You could predict a number of different fight outcomes in a single combined bet. Complementary bets have huge winnings if you make correct predictions.
  • Over/under round bets: This is a popular type of bet in UFC. It involves predicting how long a fight will take before it ends. The fight can end in over or under 2.5 rounds. A fighter can win by knockout or submission.
  • Money Line: Pick the fighter with a higher chance of winning a fight. It is easy to win money line bets as long as you research the performance of each athlete in previous fights. MMA fans can visit to place match bets on any fighter.
  • Prop bets: Proposition bets are different random bets in which you predict that a certain event will occur. The outcome of the fight doesn’t affect prop bets. Many gamers wager on how a bout will end.

Factors to Consider When Placing MMA Bets

Consider the following factors when you place Mixed Martial Arts bets:

  1. The Venue of the Fight
    Most professional MMA fights happen in cages. Even so, amateur fights and fights at certain events often occur in rings. Each MMA fighter has a unique fighting style. The environment that a fight takes place in can affect its outcome. Rings have right-angle corners while cages have an octagon shape. Also, rings have thick ropes while cages have a high fence wall. So, stand-up fighters sometimes perform better in rings, unlike in cages which tend to favor grapplers
  2. Weigh-Ins
    MMA organizations weight fighters a day or two before they fight. For example, the Ultimate Fighting Championship weighs athletes early in the morning on the day of the fight. Fighters who are big for their chosen weight class need more time to cut weight by re-hydrating. Thus, they have a disadvantage compared to fighters who don’t cut as much weight and have more time to rest for a while before the fight.
  3. Size of the Cage
    There are two standard sizes of MMA cages. Smaller cages have little room for movement. They measure 518 square feet and tend to elicit more finishes. Larger cages have a fighting surface of 746 square feet. They provide adequate space for fighters to grapple and strike. Typically, MMA fights that occur in large cages last longer  compared to those in small cages. Renowned fighters such as Alistair Overeem and Lyoto Machida like fighting in the bigger cages as their style is heavily dependent on movement. Experienced MMA bettors can predict the possible outcome of a fight based on the size of the cage.

MMA betting has gained popularity in the recent past. The sport attracts millions of fans worldwide. The Ultimate Fighting Championship is the most popular Mixed Martial Arts league. Betway88 covers a variety of UFC fights. It is important to understand the rules of MMA betting and different forms of betting to win huge payouts.