Training Tips to Help You Get a Boxer’s Body

18 Feb , 2019,
A. J. Riot

Whether you are a boxing fan or not, you probably dream of having a body like a professional boxer. Boxers usually have a well-chiseled chest and ab muscles as a clear indication of the hard work they put into their sport. Besides that, they are well conditioned, capable of even going toe to toe for 12 rounds of intense boxing. Many boxers, especially the most successful ones, don’t dwell on power alone; they also rely on speedy handwork and footwork to bamboozle their opponents.
So, the question becomes: how can you get yourself a body like one? Here is an in-depth guide that’ll take you through how to train like a pro boxer.
Most exercises in this list will be bodyweight exercises, meaning you won’t need a gym to practice – only yourself and some space.

Burpees are an excellent option for strength and conditioning training. With burpees, you work all the major muscle groups in your body.

How To Do a Burpee
Stand upright with your feet some distance apart for better stability. Quickly switch to a squatting position. Once in a squatting position, throw your feet back and get into a plank. Return to the squat and jump as high as you possibly can. You can add a few twists such as do two squats instead of one or do a sideways lateral jump rather than jumping straight up.

Rope Skipping
You’ve probably noticed most boxers do skip rope during their exhibition sparring sessions. Rope skipping is a cardio workout that helps boost your speed and endurance. In addition, it also helps you work on your leg speed, which is essential.

Workout Supplements
Supplements such as steroids and whey protein are excellent options to help you boost your workout performance. You can visit for other fitness products. However, these supplements shouldn’t replace your workout routine or daily diet.

Push-ups work your core, back and chest muscles. It also strengthens your arms, which are very important in a boxing match. Having a robust core is very important too as you will most likely take body shots from your opponent. When doing your push-ups, make sure to engage your abdominal muscles. Additionally, tighten your thighs, glutes, and maintain a straight back.

Sit-ups,similar to push-ups, focus on building your core strength. As discussed earlier, a strong core is essential for weathering punches to your body. As usual, ensure you engage your abs when doing your sit-ups.

Get A Punching Bag
A punching bag will help you work on your hand movements. This handwork movement also serves as a conditioning workout. Also, work on shuffling your feet alongside overall body movement using your punching bag.

Rest and Hydrate
Resting is essential to help your muscles rebuild and recover. Ensure you get an average of 8 hours of sleep per night. Also, don’t forget to hydrate regularly. Water helps in speeding up your recovery, especially after an intense sweat session.