The Ultimate Guide to Online Boxing Betting

27 Sep , 2018,
A. J. Riot
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The Ultimate Guide to Online Boxing Betting

People have been betting on boxing for a long time. The sport has always inspired bettors and watchers since the early days of Jack Dempsey to the heydays of Mike Tyson and Mohammed Ali to present legends like Floyd Mayweather. There are many betting opportunities for bettors to bet on boxing.

Getting Started: How to Choose the Right Betting Site

If you are a beginner, the first step you need to take is finding a good betting site. With so many sites to choose from, you can be easily overwhelmed. But the rule of thumb is to choose a site that is safe and has a good reputation. You should also choose a site that has good odds. After finding a good site and signing up, you can go ahead and choose your bets.

How to bet

Although boxing doesn’t have as many betting options as sports like soccer and tennis, it can be a lucrative type of betting when you do your homework. Boxing betting options can be placed into three main categories, and in this guide, we will break them down for you.

  • Money line

Money line boxing bet is involves betting on the side that will win the fight. This type of bet has odds that change depending on the favored side and by how much they are favored. For instance, if Floyd Mayweather was taking on Manny Pacquiao, the odds of Mayweather winning may be -800, while those of Pacquiao would be around +500. This means Mayweather is the favorite where bettors have to bet $800 to win $100.  On the other hand, Manny Pacquiao is an underdog and if you stake $100, you will win$500.

  • Total round bet

Also known as an over/under bet, this bet involves betting on the number of rounds you think the fight will go. The betting site will have a projected number of rounds and you are required to bet on whether the rounds will be more or less than the number provided. The odds of total round bets don’t vary as much as money line boxing bets, but can be great bet options, particularly when you have two fighters who are equally matched. For example, assume it is a title fight that goes for 12 rounds. If the two fighters are evenly matched, the under/over bet may be offered at 10.5 with -110 odds. This means that you can bet on either the fight to go under 10.5 rounds or over 10.5 rounds. In addition, whichever side you bet will be an $11 bet to win $10 with the odds provided above.

  • Prop betting

Prop betting offer some amazing betting options. How a fighter will win the match is the most popular type of prop bets. This bet allows you to bet on whether a fighter will emerge the winner by decision or technical decision or by technical knockout (TKO), disqualification (DQ) or regular knock out (KO). A technical decision is when a fight is called because of a cut or blood. A prop bet may look something like this:

Mohammed Ali by decision or technical decision: -500

Mohammed Ali by TKO, DQ or KO: -400

Mike Tyson by decision of technical decision: +200

Mike Tyson by TKO, DQ or KO: +350

Boxing betting is increasingly become popular and the larger the fight, the more betting options will be available for it. Make sure that you look out for title fights as they usually have a range of betting options. Typically, boxing betting odds are released a couple of months before the fight; therefore, you will want to watch how they move over the period before the fight.

Online boxing betting strategies

The best strategy is probably researching on the boxer. It is important that you know your favorite boxer before betting on any boxing match. The good part is that you only need to research two people and not the whole team as in other sports. Here are a few tips to help you:

  • Boxing style

You need to research on information such as which boxer has the greatest endurance. This information can help your odds.

  • Previous fights

Check previous fights that the fighters have taken part in and know who won. This will help you to make an informed decision on which fighter to bet on

  • Injuries

This is a pretty obvious point but you have to know if any fighter has underlying injuries that might hamper his/her performance

  • Similar opponents

Check statistics to see how the fighters have been performing against similar opponents

  • Compare odds

Odds can differ from one site to another. As such, it is important that you compare them before placing your bet. The advantage of betting on boxing online is that you are able to compare the odds offered by different sites from the comfort of your home.