Stat of the Day: Average height at each weight division

11 Sep , 2012,

A simple, yet interesting statistic for the readers today.

We’ve started compiling “listed heights” from Sherdog.  Below, is a table which contains the average LISTED height per division for ranked male fighters and also the average listed height for the Top 50 in each division, as well as the difference.  We don’t have every height just yet, but do have a fairly large data set to go on.  Also, just added, the tallest ranked fighter in each division.


Division Height Top 50 Diff Tallest/Shortest
Heavyweight+ 6’1.9″ 6’2.8″ +0.9″ 6’11.5″ – [#12] Stefan Struve
5’9″ – 6 Tied (Monson, Komkin, Brents, Inoue, Leniu, O. Sanchez)
Light Heavyweight 6’1.0″ 6’1.5″ +0.5″ 6’7″ – [#220] Malik Merad
5’11” – [#72] John Howard
Middleweight 6’0.0″ 6’0.6″ +0.6″ 6’6″ – [#35] Kendall Grove, [#248] Luke Barnatt
5’7″ – [#206] Terry Martin, [#353] Antonio Graceffo
Welterweight 5’10.7″ 5’10.9″ +0.2″ 6’4″ – 4 Tied (Beecroft, T. Dixon, C. Hill, B. Scott)
5’5″ – 3 Tied (Saadulaev, Crane, Chlewicki)
Lightweight 5’9.4″ 5’9.3″ -0.1″ 6’3″ – [#197] Jose Figueora
5’5″ – [#110] Jared Downing
Featherweight 5’8.2″ 5’7.8″ -0.4″ 6’4″ – [#210] Will Chope
5’3″ – 3 Tied (Quach, Reis, Y. Nakamura)
Bantamweight 5’6.73″ 5’6.66″ -0.06″ 6’1″ – [#231] Daniel Aguirre
5’1″ – [#133] Nate Williams
Flyweight 5’5.1″ 5’5.0″ -0.1″ 5’9″ – 4 Tied (Calatayud, Campuzano, Sato, C. Wright)
5’2″ – [#13] Kiyotaka Shimizu, [#18] Rambaa Somdet


It’s interesting that top fighters have, on average, a height advantage in the heavier divisions, but a disadvantage in the lower divisions.  Is this due to the increased east Asian influence on the lower divisions and/or that overall size can be a disadvantage in the lower divisions?


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  3. jcs September 12, 2012 at 7:30 am Reply

    This is a “one off” so it’s a blog post, categorized in “MMA Statistics”.

  4. Kedbecker September 12, 2012 at 6:53 am Reply

    Thanks a lot. that’s exactly what I wanted to know.
    Do you save these and other similar statistics on the site somewhere? if so, where? I couldn’t find it in the ‘MMA Records and Statistics’ or anywhere else.

  5. jcs September 12, 2012 at 6:40 am Reply

    Thought about it.

  6. bart September 12, 2012 at 6:39 am Reply

    Yes, very nice! Wouldn’t it make sense to mention the smallest fighters in every category also?

  7. Wehmer September 11, 2012 at 10:06 pm Reply

    Very interesting stuff.

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