Generated Historical Rankings

These ranking sets have been generated by a recent version of the software, using recent data and will not match previously published issues of the rankings, especially since a majority of these generated sets are for dates much earlier than the site’s inception.

Rankings will list until the next relatively standard increment (Top 5, 10, 15, etc.) after the last fighter at 20 points is found, to a maximum amount (found in the current rankings).  At a bare minimum, a fighter needs at least 15 points to be displayed.

Gathering data for the “unknown division lists” are crucial in building these sets, so if you want to help us research, please review these lists and inform us in the forum.

Some of the older divisional lists are very small, or even blank, due to limited fights and/or limited data.

Once deemed as retired or assumed as such (no fights scheduled, no fights in past 900 days from last update or manually marked as retired/deceased/etc), fighters are removed from any ranking pages more recent than their last fight.  This is the one major difference between these sets and the current rankings.

Note: Fighter records within these historical rankings represent their records at the date of the rankings.

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Note: Rankings include fights on selected date.
Last Generated on 09/10/2021
Rank ↑ ↓ Fighter Record Points
1   Royce Gracie 8-0-0
2 NR Takaku Fuke 7-4-0
3 -1 Masakatsu Funaki 10-2-0
4   Minoru Suzuki 9-2-0
5   Oleg Taktarov 3-0-0
6 1 Bas Rutten 5-2-0
7 1 Ken Shamrock 10-3-0
8 -5 Manabu Yamada 10-5-2
9 NR Jason DeLucia 4-2-0
10 -1 Patrick Smith 3-2-0
11 -1 Gerard Gordeau 2-1-0
12 -1 Remco Pardoel 3-2-0
13 NR Steve Jennum 1-0-0
14 -2 Kazuo Takahashi 4-3-0
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