MMA Welterweight Trivia

MMA Welterweight Trivia

30 Jan , 2021,
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Welterweight, or 170lbs, is the hypothetical cut-off between large men and average-or-below sized individuals. At this level, technique cardio and athleticism become paramount factors, over strength and knockout power. Not to say that these don’t also help – just ask the two-time champion Matt Hughes, who was known for his freakish ‘farmer’ strength. Or the current champion Kamaru Usman, whose punching power can be envied by fighters in any weight class.

Of course the ultimate symbol of the welterweight division is Georges St. Pierre – or GSP for short – who was the epitome of well-roundedness. GSP may have not usually been the strongest, toughest, hardest hitting guys in the Octagon. But he always found a way to outwork his opponents in every aspect of the game.

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