MMA Middleweight Trivia

MMA Middleweight Trivia

30 Jan , 2021,
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The middleweight division, as it’s name might indicate, sits roughly in the middle of the MMA spectrum of speed and athleticism vs strength and stopping power. Fighting at 185lbs, middleweights are generally still big and strong enough to be able to put most men to sleep, yet quick and skilled enough to put on exciting five-round wars.

UFC’s middleweight division has had somewhat of a troubled history. One of the earlier champions, Murilo Bustamante, left the company amid a contract dispute; the division was then disbanded for several years.  Later revived with the likes of Evan Tanner and Rich Franklin, until Anderson Silva eventually asserted his dominance over the course of 10 title defenses. After Silva, the middleweight title became a hot potato, thought the current champion Israel Adesanya might yet have something to say about that.

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