MMA Heavyweight

MMA Heavyweight Trivia

30 Jan , 2021,
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The heavyweight division best represents what we all love about Mixed Martial Arts: big, strong, athletic men who can easily separate their opponents from consciousness with just one strike. While the fighters in lower weight classes are often perceived as being more skilled, the heavyweights have plenty of technique to go along with their raw power. In the early days of MMA, when there were no weight divisions, every fighter was forced to potentially take on opponents far larger than themselves.

This is no longer the case, but the heavyweight division still has the largest spread of any weight class – here, you could in theory still see a 206-lbs fighter taking on someone who has to cut weight just to make the 265-lbs limit. Everything is bigger at heavyweight: the fighters, the knockouts, the ring entrances, and the fan anticipation for big fights. While pound-for-pound ranking lists give props to the smaller fighters, the heavyweight champion is still viewed as most fans as the “baddest man in the world”.

So test your knowledge of the big boys of MMA. Enter the world of Fedor Emelianenko, Daniel Cormier, Francis Ngannou, Stipe Miocic, and others.

How well do you know heavyweight MMA? Play our trivia game to find out:

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