MMA Featherweight Trivia

MMA Featherweight Trivia

30 Jan , 2021,
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The featherweight division is a relative newcomer to the UFC; however the lineage goes back to the early days of MMA with names probably not very familiar to today’s fans: Noboru Asahi and Alexandre Franca Nogueira.

Our readers may be more familiar with the WEC-era featherweight division, which was ruled by the ‘California Kid’ Urijah Faber and Mike Thomas Brown. When UFC acquired WEC and brought 145-lbs fighters into the fold, the WEC champion Jose Aldo was inaugurated as UFC title holder. Aldo defended his title until the advent of none other than Conor McGregor and the infamous 13-second KO.

The current state of the featherweight division has Alexander Volkanovski holding the title belt, with contenders Max Holloway, Brian Ortega, and Giga Chikadze all vying for the top spot. Featherweights are known for their relentless cardio, lightning speed, and endless durability.

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