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As of April 30, 2012 the women’s mixed martial arts rankings are split up into separate pages by division, to accommodate for future growth of WMMA.

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Division Dominance List

Featherweight (140 lbs and over)

Bantamweight (129-139 lbs)

Flyweight (119-128 lbs)

Strawweight (111-118 lbs)

Atomweight (110 lbs and under)

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    • RedRob says:

      Michelle Waterson should be at least #3. Ellis, Tamada and Ishikawa all have worse records and are ranked above her.
      Also, when you just fight in Japan, you should be automatically knocked down a couple of rungs anyways, as Penne’s domination of Sugiyama proved.
      I’d put Sugiyama #3 and Waterson #2, simply because Waterson’s probably faced better, bigger talent.

    • Chromium says:

      @Joe “GOMMAK” Calderon:

      Short answer: there aint no real talent above W145, because there aint no money above W145.

      If say, Laila Ali decided she wanted to do WMMA and started fighting at 155, I think a W155 division might form out of thin air. However, as it is, there is no professional reason to have a career at that weight. There is no real money above 145. So women who might have gone into fighting at that weight will usually just find a different career, and the few women with any talent that do go into fighting at that weight never get far enough to get the sort of high-level training required of being an elite fighter, unless they eventually drop to a lower weight class.

      I suppose there are sometimes exceptions like Amanda Lucas, who does fight at around 155 and has a pretty good record on paper, but that’s a result of being fed exclusively cans and mediocre fighters while Valkyrie tries to cash in some mainstream exposure in Japan due to her being George Lucas’ daughter. She is to Openweight what Kimbo Slice was to Heavyweight: a gimmick. Most of the Fight Matrix-ranked female Featherweights or Bantamweights would completely wreck her. Even #5 Atomweight Lisa Ellis would probably either tap her out or just wrestle her to death.

      In short, anything above 145 is decidedly non-competitive just like Superheavyweight is for men, and until there is a concerted effort by a major promoter to attract potential talent to higher weight classes there just won’t be nearly enough talent worth ranking. So I totally understand why for ranking purposes it’s just all folded into 140+ right now.

      At WMMA’s current trajectory we very well may see WMMA in the UFC in a few years, but even if that happens it could be a decade before W155 is even worth doing a separate Top 5 for. I mean one could rank male Super Heavyweights right now but what’s the point if the very best SHW in the world would still probably lose to the 20th best HW, the 6th best LHW, or the 2nd best MW?

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    • jcs says:

      No official decision in over two years? Doping suspension?

      There’s not enough women to fill those divisions and if there were, they’d likely be way out of shape.

    • Joe "GOMMAK" Calderon says:

      I am of the opinion that WMMA needs heavier divisions. 155 and maybe 170, essentially the LHW and HW divisions for women.

    • Joe "GOMMAK" Calderon says:

      Why is Cristiane Cyborg not even ranked?

    • Chromium says:

      So, Nicdali Rivera-Calanoc didn’t crack the Top 10 Atomweights? Was she close?

    • jcs says:

      In. Waiting for the next update.

    • Jason says:

      Little Patricia’s record has been updated. It reflects her fight in the UWC show. She is currently 7-3.

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