Light Heavyweight

Light Heavyweight (191.0-210.0 lbs) fighter ranks

The rankings presented are computerized and provided by the FightMatrix ranking system, which utilizes a comprehensive MMA fight database to provide objective rankings. Please note, that these rankings ONLY contain fighters who have had at least one professional fight some time in the 450 days prior to the ranking date.

Issue Date: 9/27/2020 (Official Release: #725)
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Rank [Overall] Fighter  (Age) Record Points
1 [58]
DE Stephan Puetz  (33) 18-4-0
Last Fight: 3/07/2020 [German MMA Championship] vs  [#200 HW] Ruben Wolf
Next Fight: 10/03/2020 [Fair Fighting Championship] vs [NR] Walter Chincho dos Santos Jr.
2 [115]
DE Alexander Poppeck  (28) 10-3-0
Last Fight: 9/26/2020 [Oktagon MMA] vs  [#128 LHW] Csaba Hocz
3 [138]
DE Robert Lau  (22) 10-3-0
Last Fight: 11/16/2019 [Integra Fighting Championship] vs  [#233 LHW] Vlado Neferanovic
4 [196]
DE Lomali Hutaev   6-0-0
Last Fight: 10/12/2019 [German MMA Championship] vs  [#235 LHW] Leo Pla
5 [223]
DE Marc Doussies   4-0-0
Last Fight: 9/21/2019 [Respect Fighting Championship] vs  [NR] Saeed Younesi