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Forum Rules

Discuss FightMatrix.com rankings, MMA, Boxing, and anything else you feel like talking about!

Forum Rules

Postby Oleg on Mon Feb 04, 2008 6:45 pm

FightMatrix.com forum is a place to discuss our rankings, MMA and other combat sports in general, and anything else you feel like talking about.
While we would like to keep the discussion as open as possible, here is some ground rules for what NOT to post in this forum:

If you have an MMA or other combat sport-related website or product, do tell us about it! Otherwise, please do not post advertisements for unrelated products, adult websites, penis enlargement pills, etc. Spam will be deleted immediately, without notice.

Please do not post anything that may be deemed NSFW (not safe for work). That means no open pornography - this is not the place for it. Use your judgment - do not embed any objectionable material. Post a link instead.

That means no videos of UFC bouts, among other things. Anything questionable will be deleted.

If you embed an audio or video file, please make sure it's not configured to auto-play.

These rules will evolve as the forum grows.
We reserve the right to change the rules at any time, if necessary.

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