Getting bored in the lockdown? Try your hand at cricket betting with these tips!

18 May , 2020,
A. J. Riot

So it’s getting hard for you to kill time in this quarantine period? Well, it is obvious for you to get bored, especially when you cannot step out of your house for anything, not even a walk. You are not the only person stuck at home, as people in most parts of the world are following the same norms of locking themselves indoors as that’s the only way to survive this apocalyptic phase initiated by a killer virus.

Sports in the time of Corona

Most of your favorite sporting events around the world have been called off for an indefinite period. The IPL is halted, and all other championships have been suspended. At such a moment, you may be feeling very low and tense as you are not sure how can you continue betting amidst such a volatile situation.

Well, for bettors, there has never been a shortage of betting options and e-cricket betting is coming up to be a potential alternative. Since no real-life cricket event is being conducted anywhere around the globe, your only option is to bet on e-cricket tournaments. But what are the rules and how you can ensure your profitability? Well, we are about to discuss that in a while.

The Popularity of Cricket Betting in India

FICCI has estimated India’s betting market to be exceeding Rs 3,00,000 crore, which is equivalent to the overall size of the country’s defense budget. Cricket betting is so popular in India that even a warm-up game between India and Bangladesh during the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 attracted bets worth Rs 149 Crore.

Moneycontrol estimated that any match that involves India, England and Australia attracts bets of over Rs 438 crore. The website also reported that during the 2015 World Cup, bets worth Rs 50,000 crore were carried out. This shows how massively popular cricket betting is in India.

eCricket Chronicles

Since real cricket is at a halt because of the pandemic crisis, several eCricket tournaments are being played across the world. If you are a cricket enthusiast, you can take part in those events either as a player or as a bettor. Now, we assume that you are eager to start betting as soon as possible, we would suggest that you start researching about the various eCricket tournaments that are being conducted nowadays. First of all, let’s check out the several eCricket competitions that you can bet on:

  • Five-a-Side Quarantine Cup
  • eWorld Cup

The best way to ensure your profitability in eCricket betting is to stay aware of the teams involved in these tournaments. Also, knowing the betting rules help a lot. In this case, you must understand how you can spread the bet to minimize your losses and rake in more profit than an average bettor.

Here are the different types of bettings you can indulge yourself in:

Spread Bet

For instance, you choose the eWorld Cup as your preferred medium of eSport betting. Now, in that case, you first need to choose a team that resonates with you. In the world of betting, there is nothing called a favorite, because the suave bettor always looks out for opportunities to maximize his profits. Amidst the current scenario, you should thoroughly research the strengths and weaknesses of each team and then decide which one to bet upon.

There are no favorites in betting

You may be a fan of team India, but when it takes on a stronger team like New Zealand or Australia, you must verify your chances of winning. If needed, you should spread your bet in such a manner that even if your favorite team loses, you still make enough money to call it a day.

Runs Scored

You can analyze the current situation of the game and bet as follows:

  • Predict how many runs a particular team will score at the end of the innings.
  • Bet on each ball and its outcome.
  • Bet on whether the batsman will hit a boundary.
  • Predict your team’s score at the end of each over.

Who Will Win?

This one is the most common betting aspect of all, as you get to bet on the winner. If you think your favorite team will lose the match in hand, the simplest thing you can do is bet on the opponents and generate a handsome profit by the end of the match. In this case, you must start betting earlier into the match, as that’s the best phase to get the highest odds.

We have discussed some of the fundamentals of cricket betting, and these rules apply to eCricket as well. You can find out more at Reach out to us for more information.