How to Overcome Stalling in Jiu-jitsu

3 Feb , 2020,
A. J. Riot

Jiu-jitsu training is fun. The sport has many aspects to it, and you keep learning a lot of new things. Until at one point you realize you are not progressing anymore. Everything becomes stale as you fail to grasp lessons from your tutors. Everyone goes through this phase, and it hurts.

Here are some tips on how to overcome the slump and regain your routine:

Don’t Sweat It

The first step towards dealing with stalling is to recognize the problem. Do not overreact or stay mad at yourself when whatever used to work seamlessly starts to fail. Understand that you are in the plateau phase and that you need to step back or change things up to regain your holding.

The faster you accept the situation, the easier the recovery.

Seek Guidance

Jiu-jitsu is a community sport where you interact with other people. Most of the long time practitioners and your coaches have gone through such plateau phases before. Consult them for guidance on how to overcome the stalling and introduce new routines.

Remember to implement the advice from your mentor, even if you don’t like it.

Take a Break

Consider stepping away from your routine and exercises to regain some composure. Even though this might be hard to implement because the body and mind will miss the action. To avoid lapsing when on break, don’t watch other training videos or anything having to do with Jiu-jitsu. Instead, watch some regular movies, join tangkas, or take your loved ones for a vacation.

The break allows you to create a new perspective and develop new ways on how to go about routines.

Find ways to Self-motivate

Your mindset is vital for your recovery. Instead of finding people to blame for your situation, look for ways of bouncing back. For example, if you feel your tutor is giving you less attention, look for videos, and other training sources. Be more diligent in finding solutions.

Try New Things

If you are used to a regular set of workouts and training routines, it can quickly get boring. Spice things up by introducing new training techniques or trying out other types of martial arts. For example, stop concentrating on submission grappling for some time to try out Kata or different traditional martial arts.

Also, consider new sports outside of your training. Try out other games like tangkas for a refreshing effect.

Do Not Give Up

The slump period is frustrating. It is easy to feel like you can never enjoy the game anymore or that it has never been for you. Well, don’t give up. Understand that it is a normal phase, and it happens to everyone from time to time. No matter how long it lasts, get back to the gym.

In Conclusion

Nobody can ever prepare you enough for a plateau phase in Jiu-jitsu. Everyone goes through the same period, and it is always frustrating. These tips, however, can help you handle the situation and bounce back better. No matter how severe the stagnation is, quitting is not an option.