What To Know About The Annual WWE Royal Rumble

12 Jan , 2020,
A. J. Riot

The long awaited annual World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Royal Rumble is finally here with us! This year’s edition of the January-held event promises entertaining matches with famous professional wrestlers cum crowd favorites such as The Fiend©, Daniel Bryan, Becky Lynch© and Asuka taking to the stage.

With the holiday season firmly behind us, the Wrestle Kingdom has shut its borders and wrestling fanatics can now anticipate the most intriguing PPV put forth by WWE this year. The Royal Rumble 2020 show acts as the first step on the exciting journey to WrestleMania but might just be a little more entertaining. The Royal Rumble competition, since its institution in 1988, has been a major part of WWE’s calendar, revolving around its rather widely-unpredictable thirty man-match.

This year’s show brings forth the third installation featuring two Royal Rumble matches, one for each of the genders. Fortunately, when it comes to the odds, the men’s rumble ups the ante. If you are a punter, you can have a go at it and make some extra cash at blackjack online.

The Royal Rumble competition, 2020 edition, is scheduled to go down in Houston, Texas on the 26th of January. Worlds Collide, an event supported by NXT UK and NXT, will be happening on the WWE Network the Saturday before the Rumble. So you might want to watch out for that as well. The WWE Network is the official network through which you can watch the Royal Rumble and get the most out of it with uninterrupted live stream. The exact matches that will be going down on will be published shortly before the event.

The Men’s Match

The men’s rumble involves drawing entry numbers ranging from one to thirty then showing up in the ring, one at a time, over given time intervals such as after every minute or so. A wrestler is considered eliminated when he gets thrown over the ring ropes and has both feet hitting the floor. This continues until there is only one man standing. The last man standing then decides to compete for the Universal Championship or the WWE Championship at WrestleMania.

This year Brock Lesnar, the incumbent WWE Champion, has decided to validate his dominance by entering the Royal Rumble first to eliminate all the other contestants. This is interesting as there could be a potential WrestleMania challenger since Lesnar will be challenging whoever eliminates him – if he gets eliminated. Seasoned wrestlers such as Randy Orton and Rey Mysterio also promise an entertaining match.

The Women’s Match

The women’s WWE Royal Rumble was initially predominantly composed of former WWE talent but has since been replaced with NXT hopefuls. This trend is likely going to continue with NXT stars such as Shayne Basler being rooted for to emerge victorious in this year’s edition. Other big names in the women’s section include Nikki Cross and Charlotte Flair who bring forth unique styles and personalities that will be interesting to watch.


The WWE Royal Rumble has always been and still is one of the most interesting professional wrestling competitions of all time. This year’s edition promises nothing short of this, if not better. Punters can stake their odds at blackjack online to cash out on the high stake nature of this competition.