Epic Cricket Fights of 2019

16 Sep , 2019,
A. J. Riot

This year has seen quite a few spectacular cricket matches. Both the World Cup and Ashes were exciting to watch, with surprising twists and riveting dynamics on the field. Here, we will take a look at two of the most intense cricket rivalries so far.

Epic battles in the world of cricket are not to be missed. Latest news on stumped.app proves it. Incredible matches like the ones below are best watched in real-time! These are unforgettable moments in the game when tension was soaring.

England Win Their First World Cup

It finally happened! The final match against New Zealanders was an incredible dramatic event that went down in history. A super over decided the game, and England came on top in their fourth World Cup appearance, an achievement preceded by their 1992 loss to Pakistan.

The spectacle was watched by roughly 8 million people, which is the biggest UK TV audience for cricket ever. Many viewers described the game as one of the greatest matches in history. New Zealand was out batting and out bowling the rivals, showing magnificent play, but luck was on England’s side.

The Match

To win, England had to surpass 241 runs. They started slowly, but accelerated later on, with Ben Stokes and Jos Buttler showing off their batting talents. The remarkable play ensued after Stokes battered a ball out of the field, which is the same as a home run in baseball and brings six runs. For ultimate success, his team still needed 9 runs from 3 balls.


After hitting the ball, Stokes ran the length of the wicket, which sufficed for one run. Despite failing to hit very far, he attempted to hurry back for another run. After the ball had been thrown in from the field, the audience was expecting a close play. However, it hit Stokes’s bat as he was headed to the line. Caroming down the field, the ball rolled right to the boundary, securing four extra runs for England. Considering the total of six on the play, this spelled disaster for the rivals.

Englishmen needed two to tie and three to win, but they got only one extra run on each of the last two balls. The score reached 241-all, and the match went to a “super over”. Each of the teams had six more balls. England managed to put up 15, while New Zealand only got 14 from its first five balls and needed two on the last one. And even though Martin Guptill hit far enough to recure one run, the team’s desperate attempt for a second was a foot or two short.

Australia’s Epic Breakthrough in Ashes

The 71st tournament was a rollercoaster ride, and the final match included a surprise turnaround. Although England started well, their rivals managed to retain the urn — this happened on foreign soil for the first time in the past 18 years!

England was hoping to bring the match to a draw, and the hopes of another miracle following Ben Stokes’ amazing feat were alive. However, as the game progressed and the lights started fading, failure became inevitable.

The Buildup

England managed to survive the first two hours without losses. Pat Cummings, however, landed two blows including the big wicket in Ben Stokes, right before the break. This time, Stokes was unable to show any heroics, despite the hopes of his teammates. Then, Nathan Lyon caught Joe Denly in close for 53. Before the drinks, the Australians had 66 overs to run through the bottom half of the competitor’s line-up.

The very first ball after drinks brought the breakthrough. Starc trapped Bairstow in front, which caused the umpire to rule against the bowler. The decision was then overturned. Next, technology helped overturn LBW verdict to a Cummins delivery from Marais Erasmus. The ball tracker confirmed that the ball had flown outside the line of off stump, averting a debate. The technology was on England’s side, but it was all going to change after the tea break.

Crucial Moments

Australian bowlers started by delivering two strikes in consecutive overs. Josh Hazlewood broke down Jos Buttler’s defenses. Josh Hazlewood claimed Overton’s wicket. England was still hoping for a miracle, but their fate was decided.

The outcome became clear late in the evening. At 6:15, when the floodlights were already on, the video umpire announced the verdict: Overton was out LBW to Hazelwood. This meant a 185-run win and the victory for Australia. The game was over with 81 balls to spare.