Ranking the TUF 12 Contestants

18 Sep , 2010,

Here’s a preliminary ranking of The Ultimate Fighter Season 12 contestants. 

Grey represents an approximate ranking.  * means a fighter was not active in the past 450 days, or ranked too low for approximation.

In the House

Michael Johnson [#95 LW]

Nam Phan[#98 FW]

Jonathan Brookins [#117 LW]

Jeffrey Lentz [#120 FW]

Cody McKenzie [#175 LW]

Marc Stevens [#230 WW]

Alex Caceres [#279 FW]

Dane Sayers [#292 WW]

Spencer Paige [#352 LW]

Sevak Magakian [#362 LW]

Aaron Wilkinson [#400 LW]

Kyle Watson [*]

Sako Chivitchiyan [*]

Andy Main [*]

On the Outside, Looking in

The following fighters lost their elimination bouts on Episode 1.  However, at least one will make it into the house via a wild-card spot.  Keep in mind that sometimes additional fighters who were eliminated return to the house to substitute for a fighter who is injured or otherwise unable to compete.

Pablo Garza [#116 FW]

T.J O’Brien [#122 LW]

Jason Ambrose [#145 LW]

Joseph Duffy [#166 LW]

Ran Weathers [#176 FW]

Mike Budnik [#240 LW]

Michael Richman [#247 LW]

Daniel Head [#420 LW]

Toby Grear [#504 LW]

Steve Magdalino [#587 LW]

Ariel Sexton [#616 LW]

Jason Brenton [#700 LW]

Amir Khillah [#720 LW]

Paul Barrow [*]


  1. oleg September 21, 2010 at 9:23 am Reply

    Is that so? I was under the impression it was two of the losers from the first episode fighting for the wild card.

  2. Fighter September 20, 2010 at 11:29 pm Reply

    The people who got eliminated do not get the wildcard slot. Two of the guys that lose their first fight once they are in the house fight for that spot…

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